Alison - The Poet For Lives

Poetry for Lives is just that, personalised poems for all occasions in all lives.

If you are celebrating a special event such as a wedding, or birthday, or marking an important time in someone’s life, or maybe just want to say something really unique to a special person in your life but can’t find the right words, then I’m here to help you do just that.

A poem that captures just what you want to say, in the way that you want to say it, is a very special gift for anyone or any occasion. What better way to show how much you care, than to have an individualised poem written just for you, and which captivates your audience from beginning to end.

Personalised poetry is a unique way to make an occasion or gift truly memorable. It can move people to laughter and tears, and it will ensure that you and your occasion will have made an impression that will be remembered.

Poetry for lives is here to create that special poem for that special time in your life. From a wittily worded birthday rhyme, to a beautifully romantic wedding poem, a moving tribute to a loved one, or simply a poignant poem to celebrate a cherished pet, I am here to turn your thoughts, memories, and wishes into the personalised poem that is just right for you.

All you have to do is to provide the details of why you want a poem, what you want say, how you want to say it, (by completing a simple questionnaire) and I will do the rest. Each personalised poem is unique, because it is personalised to you and your occasion. There will be no other quite like it.

Make a lasting impression with the power of poetry. Be remembered for words that were heart-warming, poignant, comical, clever and true. Be remembered for a gift that was just right for you.

Alison - The Poet for Lives

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